Contentmart, a freelance content writing platform, has become an answer to the content demands of Corporates and Individuals. The site promises you quality content at affordable prices. This write-up tries to list out the best writers on the platform.


5. Mohammed Kashif (Kash)

Mohammed Kashif is among the top five Freelance writers on contentmart and is a verified writer on the platform. An early starter on the site, he is an expert writer and is known to be a client-centric. He has a good rating of above 4.5 with as many as 91 orders completed. In terms of experience, he ranks 6th on the website. He is an expert in SEO and has helped a few websites achieve a higher rank through his expertise. He is a writer who prefers to confine himself to high paying and challenging jobs.

4. Bhaskar Chakravorthy (Bhasu)

Bhasu is another top level writer at contenmart ranking 4th on our list. He is also one of the early writers at the contentmart platform. He ranks 2nd on the website in terms of his experience, but his rank has dropped down by two steps in this chart due to a slightly lower rating. His rating is 4.24 with as many as 117 orders under his belt. He works at a reasonable rate of around 0.50 per word and has worked in diverse projects. He is also a verified writer on the website.

3. Monika Nag (Monika-Nag)

Monika Nag is 3rd on our ranking list and also on the site in terms of experience in completing orders. She has a good rating of 4.54 with an exhilarated 116 orders to her credit. She is also a verified writer on the portal. She has a wide experience of 3 years as a freelance writer. She has a very client-centric approach promising customers a high level of client satisfaction which is evident from her reviews. She has an experience of writing content for diverse niches.

2. Mathews Regi (Mathews Regi)

Mathews Regi, another verified write on the portal, ranks 4th on the site in terms of orders completed but ends up in the 2nd position on our list. This jump in his rankings is a result of giving due credit to his outstanding rating of 4.93 maintained even after 109 orders. He is a little pricey, but the quality of the work justifies the price paid. He has a varied experience of writing articles on diverse niches. He is famous amongst his regular clients for delivering catchy and interesting articles. His expertise in creative writing jobs is also appreciated.

1. Shivanshi Srivastava (Shivanshis4)

Shivanshi tops the list of top five freelancers with a fair margin. With 142 orders under her belt and a rating as high as 4.63, it is difficult for any other writer to beat her soon. She has a long list of regular clients who are so impressed by her punctuality and quality of work that they refuse to assign an order to any other freelancer. She is a pricey writer, but totally deserves what she quotes. She writes SEO optimized articles which are appreciated by her entire client-base.

Disclaimer: The statistics in the data are from 09/07/2016 and there is a likelihood of changes in the current data.

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