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The Killer Formula to Winning in Every Negotiation

What do you expect when you enter into a negotiation? Do you expect to win, lose, or settle? One thing you can expect is to expect the unexpected. Many of us think we enter a negotiation thinking we must settle, but what if you knew a strategy to increase the likelihood of winning every time? Think of this in the form of an analogy. If your emotions were the buttons on a remote control, would you give the remote to the person you are negotiating with? If the person does…

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Working in These 100 Companies Can Make You Feel Like Winning the Lottery

Has it happened to you; the job you loved the most was at a company that was really proactive towards it employees and gave you creative freedom as well flexible timings, even if it didn’t pay as well as your current job, that ironically is making you miserable? That’s because very often the jobs we enjoy the most is in one of the best companies to work for – the kind that really cares for its employees and believes that the way forward is through good human resource management. One…

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This Is How Everyone Reacted To Sam Smith Winning The Oscar Over Lady Gaga

The shock of the evening. At tonight’s Oscars, Lady Gaga was widely tipped to win Best Original Song with Diane Warren for “Til It Happens to You.” Mark Ralston / AFP / Getty Images And then it seemed like a sure thing when she gave a powerhouse performance that brought people to tears. Mark Ralston / AFP / Getty Images But then… Jimmy Napes and Sam Smith ended up winning for “Writing’s on the Wall.” Mark Ralston / AFP / Getty Images (Sorry.) Twitter: @edwardmontal View Entire List › BuzzFeed…

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