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Watching is The New Waiting, You Better Get Moving

We are so obsessed with time. As a kid, we are told by our parents to manage our time well, go to school with a class scheduled according to time. We constantly want to save more time, and focus so little on the present. The present is what we need to watch, and keep filling up our present moments will fill up the time we think we have lost. The post Watching is The New Waiting, You Better Get Moving appeared first on Lifehack. Lifehack

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Stop Waiting For Your Dream Job and Go Ask For It

If you were looking for a new job, how would you go about finding one? Instinctively you’d probably start off by filtering through all of the common job archive websites; Craigslist, Indeed, Monster, etc. in order to find something related to your field. Which is fine, if you don’t mind settling. We have been programmed to work this way, to take whatever job is convenient in order to pay the bills and support our lifestyle. For many this system works well enough. But this is how people fall into complacent…

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This Is Why Most People Spend Their Whole Life Waiting for Better Timing

Imagine a life without any deadlines. How relaxing would that be? No looming credit card payments. No stressful all-nighters to finish that project at work or school. No procrastination, even! Without a deadline, no one cares if you don’t get to it. You’ll always have the time later on. It feels so great to not have that stressful moment, right around the corner. When a deadline goes away, a huge weight lifts off my shoulders. In high school, my teachers occasionally gave us extensions on our due dates and everyone…

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