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How to Go Vegan: From Meat Eating to Vegetarian

‘I could never do that’. This is the answer I mostly hear from people once I’ve told them that I’m a vegan. And the truth is: I thought the same way before. I’ve eaten meat my entire life – like most people. Maybe I even overdid it a little bit. I’ve followed the typical bodybuilding diet, rice and chicken with nearly every meal. This sometimes resulted in over 1 kilogram of meat a day. This is not what I would consider a healthy meal nowadays, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t…

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Vegetarian protein picks

Make your vegetarian lifestyle easy with these foods ideas. Eating out At a vego buffet, add more tofu, beans and nuts into meals like stir-fries, salads and soups for extra protein. The alternatives Look for modified versions of your favourite meals. In the era of mainstream meat-freeism, resorts and retreats are responding with vego takes on meaty faves – think sushi hand rolls made with water chestnuts, lasagne made with chopped mushrooms and eggplant strips in lieu of antipasto meats. Non-vegan options Assuming you’re not vegan, seek out vego options…

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