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There’s No Such Thing as Unconditional Love. You Either Love Someone or You Don’t

One of the most dangerous sentiments out there is the concept of unconditional love. We’ve been sold it for as long as any of us can remember. Everything in fiction depends on it. The wedding industry thrives upon it. It’s a concept that is so ingrained into the world that those who don’t believe in it are considered sad or somehow malformed. True, unconditional love is the thing to which all people are supposed to aspire. If you can’t find it, you’re missing something terribly important – at least, as…

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There’s No Perfect Family, but a Happy Family Doesn’t Need to Be Perfect

Family members offer more support to us than just about anyone else in the world. Odds are, those who raised you are willing to help you in any way they can. While family dynamics are as unique as the individuals themselves, most families strive to be healthy and functional.[1] Humans desire love and sense of security, and who else can do that better than our families? We all want families we can trust. Being able to count on those closest to us resonates feelings of love and appreciation. However, achieving…

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Oh My God, There’s Actually Going To Be A “High School Musical 4”

!!!!!!!! ATTENTION WILDCATS: High School Musical 4 is officially happening! Disney You might have heard this news before, back in 2008 when Disney confirmed that the script for High School Musical 4 was already in the works. Disney Or maybe you remember that in 2009, Disney announced that HSM 4 would premiere on Disney Channel in 2010. Disney Well, after six years of no HSM 4, faith has finally been restored. Today, in an official press release (so it’s real this time, promise!), Disney announced a nationwide casting search for…

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