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How to Form an Unstoppable Team with Your Colleagues for Massive Success

Have you ever heard the tired old cliché “there’s no ‘I’ in team”? Well, it may be a phrase that makes you roll your eyes, but when it comes to group dynamics in the workplace, it pays to concentrate on improving these forces to create an unstoppable team. What Are Group Dynamics and How They Are Important to Team Cooperation A phrase coined in the 1940s by Kurt Lewin, a social psychologist, group dynamics [1] refer to the roles and behaviors people take on when they work in a group—and how…

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7 Surefire Ways to Improve the Internal Communication of Your Team

Do not underestimate the importance of communication skills at work. The way your boss and your co-workers assess you plays a key role in issues like daily comfort at work or even your future job. Therefore, even though you are a hard worker or have creative ideas, if you cannot get along with your colleagues, then your work will be affected. It is the reason why you should spend time reading the following 10 ways to improve the internal communication of your team: 1. Smile to Spread Positivity In fact,…

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Here’s Everyone On Iron Man’s Team In “Captain America: Civil War”

Nothing is OK. Yesterday we were gifted with the character posters for Captain America’s team in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War. Falcon, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Bucky and Ant-Man are fighting on Cap's team, who want to remain free to defend humanity without government interference. Marvel “But what of Tony Stark’s team?” many of us wondered. “What of that hot purple guy born with a cape, otherwise known as Vision? What of BLACK PANTHER?” Tony's team supports government oversight and accountability. Marvel Well, wonder no more. The Team Tony posters…

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