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Superfood strawberry protein milkshake recipe

  Alleviate the brain fog and keep your mood in check with this protein smoothie. Ingredients (makes one smoothie) 1 cup coconut, soy or almond milk 1 scoop Activated Nutrients Vanilla Bean Daily Protein 1 teaspoon Activated Nutrients Daily Superfood powder Approximately 7 frozen, sliced strawberries   Method 1. Combine all ingredients in a blender 2. Blend until smooth 3. Pour into a glass and enjoy!   NUTRITION (per smoothie) Protein: 19g // Fat: 5g // Carbs: 16g // Calories: 213g     {nomultithumb}   Read more … Women’s Health…

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Flax Seed: The Superfood For Glowing Hair And Healthy Skin (And Other Benefits!)

Want an easy and delicious way to boost your daily nutritional intake? Look no further than flax seeds, your new go-to miracle food. These stellar seeds are severely misunderstood as they are considered to be bland and dry. They are loaded with nutrients and have incredible binding properties which is a must-have for vegan baking. With the correct preparation, you will start to realize that they are a pantry essential. It’s so versatile, you can wear flax as well as eat it! Flax seed was originally cultivated in the Middle…

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