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Is Comparing Our Life With The Others A Good Starting Point of Reflection?

What is the difference between people who become very successful and those who manage to stay on the average? Brad had a group of friends in college Billy, Jason, Nick, and Craig, all very ambitious friends where are prepared to take over the world. But somehow, everyone got their wish, except brad. He manages a small non-profit organization that connects people who need help to their wealthy donors. This movie helps you understand a vital aspect of life that will make you accept who you are. We All Need Serious…

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4 Grooming Tips for Millennials Starting their First Professional Job

Starting your first professional job can be both exciting and scary. Millennials often don’t know what to wear at their first professional job. Here are some grooming tips that will help you make a great impression on your boss on new coworkers. 1. Choose Clothes That Make You Look Older In the workforce, people tend to equate age with experience and expertise. This can put millennial professionals at a disadvantage, regardless of how qualified they are. It is a good idea to choose a wardrobe that makes you look older….

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Republicans and Democrats are starting to agree on the Confederate flag. It’s about time.

<br> Hey, look! Congress did something kind of bipartisan for a change. Photo by Mandel Ngan/Getty Images. Perhaps even more surprisingly, Congress did something positive. Under a newly passed amendment to a larger bill, the Confederate flag will no longer be welcome at many veterans’ cemeteries. A Confederate veterans’ cemetery. If the law takes effect, the ban would only apply to cemeteries administered by the V.A. Photo by John Moore/Getty Images. The outcome of the vote was reported by The Associated Press: “The House voted Thursday to ban the display…

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