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You Spend 5 Hours Sitting Every Day, Make Sure You Sit Up Properly

If you are sitting right now, how’s your posture and your back, hunched over, right?What about your neck – does it hurt? When not sitting on your cozy office chair, relaxing at the café with a friend, following your favorite TV show at home or driving from work, you are probably seated on a bench somewhere. Sittingis the activity we all do for at least NINE HOURS every day! Science shows that one of the things that hamper our good mood, happiness, optimism, and productivity is the poor posture seats…

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Stand Up And Get Moving! Do You Know Sitting For Too Long Can Kill You?

Whether you are a student or a professional, chances are you have a life that requires a lot of sitting. Whether it be listening to lectures for 8 hours a day or typing at a computer until you finish that important project, studies have shown that the average American sits at a desk for about 9-10 hours a day! So let’s break that down: If we assume the average American is also working 5 days a week for roughly 9 hours for about 30 years, that adds up to 492,750…

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3 Easy Ways To Reduce The Stress Of Sitting All Day

Nowadays, offices are built around sitting, and If you continue that way, you’d soon come to realize the inherent problem with this lifestyle. Your body was specially designed for immutable movement. It readily thrives when it has the opportunity to move in its fully intended angle of motion and, as we’re now rapidly seeing struggles when forced to get it restricted to one place for a longer time. What’s the bad side of sitting for too long? As indicated by Dr. James Levine, co-executive of the Mayo Clinic and the…

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