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Always Feeling Hungry? Scientists Say You Might Be Simply Thirsty

You probably already know that water is important, but did you may that it may be the missing link to weight loss? Yep. It turns out that most people can’t tell the difference between hunger and thirst anymore. In fact, according to research, most of us may be reaching for a snack when we should be reaching for a glass of H20. Think you drink plenty of water? Then it may surprise you to know that an estimated 75% of Americans[1] are chronically dehydrated and don’t even know it! Something…

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Keeping Yourself Busy All Day Long Doesn’t Mean That You’re Productive. You’re Simply Procrastinating.

Many people like postponing challenging work tasks by completing the ones that don’t require much cognitive power first. Usually, they think it is better to fill in the time rather than stay idle when they procrastinate. At least, doing something means they are being productive. Does this situation happen to you often in the workplace? If yes, you’ve already fallen into the trap of mistaking the two kinds of tasks: “reactive” and “proactive”. Reactive tasks are those tasks that are somewhat urgent and maybe even important but don’t have a high long-term…

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