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Small Things Parents Can Do to Effectively Reduce Sibling Jealousy

Our relationships with our siblings are the most important in our lives. They are the ones we have known the longest and we share a lived experience that is unparalleled. But we have all heard the common terms “sibling rivalry” and “parental favoritism“. Especially when children are very small, there is bound to be some conflict and competition, and sometimes parents get it wrong, dealing with children differently according to the ease of their personality traits. If parents don’t address these issues early and guide the children to get along,…

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This Touching Viral Christmas Ad Perfectly Shows What Sibling Love Is

If you have a sibling, you’ll be touched by this christmas ad. Siblings are like…you don’t show your love easily, or the way you express it is just weird…But as time goes by you know they’re always the most valuable ones that you’d never want to lose. The post This Touching Viral Christmas Ad Perfectly Shows What Sibling Love Is appeared first on Lifehack. Lifehack

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Second Wachowski Sibling Comes Out As Trans

The Windy City Times published this selfie of Lilly Wachowski. Via Lilly Wachowski, the filmmaker who rose to prominence with the 1999 film The Matrix, came out as transgender in a statement to Chicago's Windy City Times March 8. The writer, director, and producer, whose sister, Lana, came out as transgender in 2012, wrote that she was already “living as an out transgender person” but hadn't formally announced her transition yet. In her statement, Wachowski said she decided to come out after a reporter from the Daily Mail knocked…

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