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Visiting Khao Yai National Park By Motorbike

If you’ve been lucky enough to receive a postcard from Thailand, it likely featured paradise islands, charming provincial towns or perhaps the sparkling lights of Bangkok. The country’s beautiful beaches and cosmopolitan big city are well documented, including here on Alex in Wanderland. But did you know Thailand also has one hundred and twenty-seven national parks? I made it a goal this year to explore a handful of them. I started, appropriately, with Thailand’s first: Khao Yai National Park, just a few hours northeast of Bangkok. Khao Yai, a sprawling…

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A Top Down Tour of Joshua Tree National Park

Have you ever wished that the whimsical destinations dreamed up by Dr. Seuss were real, and you could visit them yourself? At Joshua Tree National Park, you kind of can.  Last summer, I was bit hard by the national parks bug. I bought the America The Beautiful Parks Pass while visiting Grand Canyon and the Glen Canyon during a mini-road trip around the Southwest, and when I hit California I wanted to get one more hit. Joshua Tree was a natural choice. An easy drive from Palm Springs, do-able for…

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What happens when National Teacher Appreciation Week meets Star Wars Day?

<br> We’ve all had some sort of mentor who left a major mark on our life. Someone who helped turn us from a learner into a … master. Perhaps it was that teacher who encouraged you to try out for the school play or a tutor who was patient as they taught you how to code and gave you room to experiment and explore. Maybe it was a backward-talking muppet in a remote swamp world who made you carry him around on your shoulders while you faced your Freudian fears in a mystical cave and tried and failed to…

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