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Mindful chocolate eating

  Learn how to eat with intention and avoid the guilt trip with these tips for mindful chocolate eating.   Store Keep chocolate at room temperature. High quality chocolate should never be stored in the refrigerator; in the mouth, cold chocolate does not release the flavours and aromas as quickly as room temperature chocolate.  Cleanse Before your chocolate fix, eat a piece of apple or small piece of bread to cleanse the palate of other flavours. Smell Involve your sense of smell, touch and sight in the tasting process. Before eating,…

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Want Your Kids To Become More Mindful? You Should Reward Them In This Way.

So your kid did a good job at school? That’s wonderful news! How would you reward him or her? Chances are, you currently do so by buying the latest gadget, a new toy, or basically anything materialistic that requires money but not time. And this is where most of us err… By using money to buy them something as a reward inculcates the wrong idea about money in their little minds – in effect, we are teaching them that spending money and buying materialistic things is a reward – and…

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5-day ‘mindful eating’ meal plan

Choosing to be mindful with your food not only prevents absent-minded overfeeding, but increases satisfaction levels as well. Here’s your 5-day diet plan. Day 1 Breakfast:Traditional oats porridge with sliced fresh fruit such as kiwi fruit or strawberries Lunch Grainy bread sandwich with plenty of salad and tuna, salmon or lean meat DinnerSpaghetti bolognaise made with kidney beans on their own or with lean mince Day 2 Breakfast:Raisin toast with a thin scrape of margarine Lunch:Wholemeal pasta salad with 4-bean mix Dinner:Chickpea and chicken stir-fry with plenty of vegies Day…

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