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If You Are Sleeping With Wet Hair, You Will Be Sleeping With Bacteria For More Than 1 Million Hours In Your Life

It happens to the best of us. We are hit with that surge of late-night ambition. We decide to delve into the time consuming process that is not only washing and conditioning our hair, but drying and sometimes even styling it thereafter. It seemed like a great idea. But now you’re out of the shower and exhaustion has hit. You sit on your bed in your towel contemplating your options. You’re just not the ambitious go-getter you were before you stepped into the shower. Now you’re just tired. It doesn’t…

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The Beauty of Two Million Bats: Touring Pak Chong, Thailand

In a country with over twenty-five million visitors per year, can you have a unique experience? In a country you can barely count your own passport stamps from, can you still be taken by surprise? In a country beloved by bloggers, can you share something original with the internet? This was my year of attempting to prove yes to all of those questions, when it comes to me and Thailand. Sure, I spent the majority of my time in my familiar old favorite Koh Tao. And yes, I returned to…

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