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Old Man’s Shoes Are Locked As He Always Tries To Escape. What Happens Next Is Really Touching

Sometimes it feels like the world has abandoned you, but you are not ready to give up on life. You still have your dreams and hopes, no matter what your age or situation. Break Free is a touching ad created by Mortimer von Hochberg for Adidas. It’s about an old man, stuck in a nursing home, who dreams of regaining his freedom by running like he did when he was young. But, the nursing staff blocks his every escape attempt. What happens after they lock up his sneakers will warm…

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Here’s Everyone On Iron Man’s Team In “Captain America: Civil War”

Nothing is OK. Yesterday we were gifted with the character posters for Captain America’s team in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War. Falcon, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Bucky and Ant-Man are fighting on Cap's team, who want to remain free to defend humanity without government interference. Marvel “But what of Tony Stark’s team?” many of us wondered. “What of that hot purple guy born with a cape, otherwise known as Vision? What of BLACK PANTHER?” Tony's team supports government oversight and accountability. Marvel Well, wonder no more. The Team Tony posters…

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