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Healthy Lunch Recipes That Are Tasty and Easy

A healthy lunch doesn’t need to be boring and difficult to make. Here is a collection of healthy lunch recipes that you can try even though you have a busy schedule. Pick a different recipe every day and enjoy your lunch every time. California Club Croissant Sandwich Photo credit: Source California Club Croissant Sandwich recipe is an easy lunch (or dinner) sandwich with 2 types of cheese and 3 kinds of lunch meat in one flavorful sandwich! Avocado Egg Salad Roll Ups Photo credit: Source These roll ups made of…

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Research Says It’s Healthier To Breakfast Like A King, Lunch Like A Prince And Dine Like A Beggar

Many of us are rushing to get to work in the morning, or to start with our daily chores, so we tend just to grab something to eat on the go, and eat the largest meal for dinner, when we have the time to sit down and eat. Most of the dietary recommendations focus on what we should eat, yet, when do we eat is equally, if not more important. A recent research[1] indicates that we can lose more weight if we consume more calories in the morning and less…

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