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Try Eating Only These Gluten Free Foods For A Week and You May Find Your Long-Term Discomfort Disappears.

Memories of a lifetime are made from cereal bars, bagel breakfasts and whole wheat bread sandwiches. Relishing pasta dishes leave many salivating in a notion of the perfect meal plan. So you learn how to mix, knead, and fold away munching on plain rye ‘air sandwiches’. The love for bread becomes an unparalleled understatement. Then the maladies begin…. You start feeling bloated. There are bouts of diarrhea and constipation. You are always just tired. You feel dizzy and off balance. Hormonal issues arise with unexplained infertility, PMS and all the…

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Fasting – is it sustainable long-term?

A diet approach demanding that adherents go months without food makes the 5:2 diet look positively tame. But is there any merit to fasting? If you think subsisting on a quarter of your calorie output two days a week is extreme, wait until you hear about a protocol that prohibits food, period. How long can you go without food? Breatharians claim that food and water are not needed for survival. Humans can be sustained solely by prana (breath) and the energy of the sun, they claim. Australian-born breatharian Jasmuheen, nee…

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