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The Japanese Definition of “Life” Will Definitely Inspire You

The turtle won in the racing competition. Even though our lives are not like a marathon, and might not have a champion, we can still learn a lot from the little slow turtle. His persistence defined his success, and if we have the persistence he has, we will also arrive at the finish line one day. Want to see how some Japanese defines their lives, and proves life is not a marathon? Watch this: The post The Japanese Definition of “Life” Will Definitely Inspire You appeared first on Lifehack. Lifehack

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5 Things About The Japanese Education System That Will Surprise and Inspire You

So you say you like Japanese culture, but you’re shocked to know that Japanese public school students eat lunch in the classroom with their teacher? Read on, then, to discover more commonly unknown facts about the Japanese education system. 1. No Exams for The First 3 Years of School The theory about why Japanese students are not required to take exams until after fourth grade is that the Japanese value excellent manners. According to the Japanese culture, it’s more important to teach proper etiquette to young students than to focus…

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