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Imagination Should Make Things Wonderful, not Horrible

Do not stop when you feel tired in a marathon, press forward and you will achieve something you have never expected before. Our mind protects us from harm and danger, at the same time limits us with the protection, but by following your gut and you will be able to find yourself limitless. Here we have also included a video showing you how one’s belief and determination can get us through challenges that seems to be overwhelming. The post Imagination Should Make Things Wonderful, not Horrible appeared first on Lifehack….

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5 Types of Horrible Bosses and How to Beat Them All

When I left university I took a job immediately, I had been lucky as I had spent a year earning almost nothing as an intern so I was offered a role. On my first day I found that I had not been allocated a desk, there was no one to greet me so I was left for some hours ignored. I happened to snipe about this to another employee at the coffee machine two things happened. The first was that the person I had complained to was my new manager’s…

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