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Does Risk Taking Hold Any Benefits?

The impetus to take risks may be lacking in most, however, it does lend credence to the fact that to make anything happen, you need to take risks. For each goal set, risks present themselves as obstacles that must be crossed; as missing parts of puzzles that must be put in place before the actualisation of the goal. The question then is this – why are most people afraid to take risks, since it is the only stepping stone to the actualisation of dreams? Wondering why may not provide the…

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How to Hold on to True Freedom When It’s Difficult to Find These Days

I’d like you to imagine waking up tomorrow with no limitations whatsoever. How would you spend your day? Who would you spend it with? Where in the world would you be? How would you feel? Over the past 6 years I have asked hundreds of people this question. And guess what? 99% of them have no idea how to answer it. They have never thought about what their perfect day looks like, let alone how to describe it in vivid detail. Somewhere along the way, people stopped chasing their dreams….

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Carla D. Hayden nominated as Librarian of Congress. If confirmed she will be first woman and first African American to hold the position #libraries

President Obama has nominated as the next Librarian of Congress Carla D. Hayden, who has been CEO of the Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore, Md., since 1993. Before that, Dr. Hayden was deputy commissioner and chief librarian of the Chicago Public Library, assistant professor for Library and Information Science at the University of Pittsburgh and library services coordinator for the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. If confirmed, Dr. Hayden would be the first woman and the first African American to hold the position. Bookbrowse News About Books,…

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