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What you should know about the historic Native American battle happening now.

<br> It’s the summer of 2016, and thousands of American Indians from the northern Great Plains just came together to protect their sacred land … again. If this scene sounds familiar, that’s because it is. During the Great Sioux War of 1876, a united legion of Lakota Sioux, Northern Cheyenne, and Arapaho stood their ground near a river against a U.S. Army regiment led by Col. George A. Custer. American Indians called it the Battle of Greasy Grass or Victory Day, but U.S. history books tend to remember the Battle…

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The world has one more woman leader thanks to a historic election in Tokyo.

<br> On Aug. 1, 2016, Tokyo made history by electing Yuriko Koike, its first female governor. Koike is a groundbreaking political veteran with cabinet experience who ran for a head of state position in 2008. Sound familiar? Tokyo is with her. Photo by Kazuhiro Nogi/AFP/Getty Images. Not only was this a big win for her (she defeated her closest opponent by over a million votes), but it’s also a huge win for Tokyo, a city that doesn’t have the greatest track record on women’s rights. “Hillary used the word ‘glass…

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Belgium Lodging: Historic Hotels, Rental Apartments and More

Travelers to Belgium will find a wide range of accommodations, particularly in the major cities, where the choices include boutique and traditional hotels as well as rental apartments. In Belgium’s countryside and small villages, there are countless small inns and bed and breakfasts. Continue reading for more details Destination Articles –

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