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Why Hardship is Always Better Than The Easy Path?

We try hard to avoid conflicts every day. We choose the easiest and shortest path to reach the results desired, yet, these are exactly the elements challenge us to grow. Don’t be scared walking down the wrong path, be afraid you stop growing from the easy life. The post Why Hardship is Always Better Than The Easy Path? appeared first on Lifehack. Lifehack

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What if I Tell You That Chosen Hardship is Actually a Kind Of Happiness

Sometimes, work gets boring before it arrives at big milestones. Times like hitting the gym , repeating the cardio and muscle training before arriving to the perfect body shape we want, the process could be long and it’s tempting for us to give up. Success won’t happen overnight, it is about consistently doing a sequence of small actions that contributes to what you want. The key is to keep going until you achieve your goal. Remember, the feeling of achievement will eventually kick in, and you will be grateful for…

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