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Last Minute Cute and Creepy Halloween Costumes for Kids (For Under $25)

Every year, kids in cute (or scary) costumes running around in Halloween, collecting candy and playing with friends. It’s the night to have fun! But for parents, deciding Halloween costumes for kids could be a challenge. Parents need to know where to shop. If you’re going on a weekend, it can be busy and the costumes can be picked over. Costumes can get expensive, and your kids probably won’t want to repeat costumes of previous years. If there is a “hot costume” in a given year, that might be hard to…

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15 Shocking Facts about Halloween

To many of us, the sight of iconic black cats and pumpkin carving signifies the beginning of the Halloween season, that ‘Halloween is coming!” But how much do you know about the scariest holiday of the year? Do you know that in the USA Halloween was originally referred to as ‘Cabbage Night’? Halloween has a very long and rich history. Here’s a round up of 15 Shocking Facts about Halloween. Take a look: Featured photo credit: via The post 15 Shocking Facts about Halloween appeared first on Lifehack….

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5 Ways To Celebrate Halloween Sober

Just like New Years, Christmas, and St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween oftentimes creates an avenue of celebration that’s heavily centered around binge-drinking. Sure, these types of holiday festivities are enjoyable at times but what happens when the fun stops being so fun and becomes potentially damaging to your health? At times, the pressures of partying around Halloween can be hard to combat. But abstaining from over-consumption of alcohol is not only a healthy choice, it’s an example of preventative care: your mind and body will thank you for staying sober! These…

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