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Great Filmmakers Pick Their Favorite Movies of the 21st Century

Film directors including Antoine Fuqua, Sofia Coppola, Paul Feig, Denis Villeneuve, Brett Ratner and Alex Gibney recently spoke to The New York Times about their favorite movies of the 21st century to date.[1] Below, I highlight 20 of the choices. This is an excellent place to start if you’re looking for great movies you haven’t seen or haven’t even heard of. Antoine Fuqua’s Selected Films Antoine Fuqua himself has directed Training Day, The Magnificent Seven, and other films. His selections included: Fences (2016) Set in 1950s Pittsburgh, the film takes…

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The Favorite Word of Average People: “Okay”

I remember learning the word, “okay,” as a child and marveling at its versatility. It has such a broad meaning that you can use it in many contexts, and as a kid working to communicate with a limited vocabulary, being able to say “okay” carried me through all sorts of scenarios. As I’ve gotten older, my feelings about the word have changed. Where saying “okay” used to give me freedom, now it holds me back. I’ve learned that in most cases, it’s not okay to say, “OK.” Okay has become…

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After getting sick, this 15-year-old missed her favorite band — until they surprised her.

After playing an amphitheater the night before, the rock band stopped to visit a fan. <br> On Thursday night, rock band Florence and the Machine played to a packed crowd at the Austin360 Amphitheater in Austin, Texas. As usual, lead singer Florence Welch wowed the audience with her theatrics and powerful voice. But something was missing. Photo by Mauricio Santana/Getty Images. A 15-year-old girl at nearby Hospice Austin’s Christopher House was confined to her bed and unable to attend the concert. She and her best friend had long planned to…

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