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Make Better Decisions by Knowing How Decision Fatigue Works

When determining a court ruling, there are many factors that contribute to their final verdict. You probably assume that the judge’s decision is influenced solely by the nature of the crime committed or the particular laws that were broken. While this is completely valid, there is an even greater influential factor that dictates the judge’s decision: the time of day. In 2012 a research team from Columbia University [1] examined 1,112 court rulings set in place by a Parole Board Judge over a 10 month period. The judge would have to…

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The Dark Side of Technological Advance – Mental Fatigue and How It Eats Us Slowly

Do you feel like no matter how much sleep or rest you get, you’re always tired? Do you catch a cold easily, and it takes you a while to recover, before falling ill again? Does your body and your back ache, and do you get regular headaches or migraines? Does all this occur, even though you have a good diet, exercise regularly and seem to sleep through the night? We immediately look for physical signs of fatigue and then try to rectify the problem with material solutions, like taking a…

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How to beat fatigue

  Are you constantly battling fatigue? Here, David Goding explores the causes of fatigue and how you can combat it. The wrong cure In our endless hunt for the mysterious ‘edge’, fatigue is our number-one enemy. So how do we combat it? With a variety of ‘slap-yourself-in-the-face’ stimulants to keep us on track, of course. Coffee, energy drinks, chocolate, more coffee, rubbing the eyes, pulling the hair, another coffee. It works, in the short term, but it’s liable to put you more ‘on edge’ than give you any real edge…

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