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How to Find a Mentor That Help Fast-Track Your Career Success

It takes some courage to venture into the employment world and start building a career or maybe a business. Your education will certainly help, as well as your previous experience. However, to truly shine, you will need a guide to show you the way. Sheryl Sandberg[1] says that women who have mentors are more accomplished and have more confidence in the workplace. The same could probably be said for men, too. Mentorship is important because starting out can be overwhelming and scary. But finding the right mentor doesn’t come so…

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How to fast-track fat loss

  Want to know the key to fat loss? Master trainer Daniel Tramontana shares his tips for guaranteed fat loss.   To fast-track coveted progress such as greater fat loss, Tramontana says you need to get back to basics. Cardio is not ‘hardio’ With a combination of higher intensity interval training (HIIT), low-intensity steady state (LISS) training, body weight training sessions and a nutritious diet, Tramontana ensures his clients are given the best formula for their body. “My cardiovascular programming is based around a 75/25 split of LISS and HIIT….

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