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And Now Onto Chopping: A Koh Tao Cooking Class for the Domestically Challenged

It is safe to say that one of my primary motivations for living part-time in Thailand is the availability and affordability of meals that someone else other than myself has prepared. “Domestic disaster” doesn’t seem to quite cover a past that has included the fire department being summoned during an attempt at boiling macaroni in the Cayman Islands, self-induced food poisoning from undercooking beans in Panama, and a long history of misidentifying cucumbers and zucchinis just about everywhere. But just as my palate has slowly expanded, so too has my…

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The Crazy Cooking Hack That Reduces The Calories In Rice By Half, Science Finds

What’s the problem with rice? Rice tends to be one of those foods that people avoid due to its high starch content, particularly true for those trying to lose a few pounds. Also, rice’s calories and carbs (206 and 45 grams per cup) are what might put a lot of us off eating rice since carbohydrates are typically associated with sugar – a huge no-no when it comes to weight loss. But don’t worry – it’s not all bad news… The carbs found in white rice are considered to be healthy…

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