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Now You Can Do Yoga Anywhere You Like Without Going To A Class By Using “Pocket Yoga”

Many of us intend to exercise frequently, but our bodies often get neglected in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We get so wrapped up in our work and taking care of others, that we fail to make time for ourselves. Yoga is an incredible way to relieve stress and stay fit and healthy, but it’s not a workout that lends itself well to being done alone in the beginning. If you’re new to yoga, you need a teacher to guide you through the postures. Yoga teachers also know…

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And Now Onto Chopping: A Koh Tao Cooking Class for the Domestically Challenged

It is safe to say that one of my primary motivations for living part-time in Thailand is the availability and affordability of meals that someone else other than myself has prepared. “Domestic disaster” doesn’t seem to quite cover a past that has included the fire department being summoned during an attempt at boiling macaroni in the Cayman Islands, self-induced food poisoning from undercooking beans in Panama, and a long history of misidentifying cucumbers and zucchinis just about everywhere. But just as my palate has slowly expanded, so too has my…

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