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3 Illustrations Capture The Absurd Double Standards Women Face Today

Today women are faced with a ton of unnecessary pressure and may feel they need to conform to the way our seemingly liberated society deems fit. London-based fashion illustrator, Daisy Bernard acurately illustrates how women are judged and labeled in every aspect of their life. She says she was inspired to create the series after news of a Muslim woman in France was forced to remove clothes on a beach by police back in August. Originally the post was published to a UK website, The Tab, and it had gained…

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These 15 Illustrations Perfectly Capture The Best Moments In Travel

1. Solely Planning The Trip Makes You Get Excited 2. Always Packing Things At Last Minute, And You Never Fail To Surprise Yourself   3. Getting Lost In The Street, But It Doesn’t Matter Because Life Is Like That 4. Trying New Food And Drinks 5. Trying To Speak Their Language, Or Just Overcoming Language Barrier By Body Language 6. Discovering New And Interesting Things That You Wouldn’t Find In Your Home Country 7. Not Afraid Of Looking Silly When Trying New Things, Because Nobody Knows You There 8. Interacting With…

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