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Canada and its typical Christmas traditions .

It’s the time of the year we all have been waiting for, it’s time for Christmas. A time of the year where the winter snow adorns the street and the ugly sweaters comes out of the closet. It’s a time to bond and indulge in family traditions. Enjoy the comfort of family and friends while sipping on warm wine and eggnogs. However, does tradition vary based on countries or is Santa a common belief all around the world? For example in Austria instead of Santa people believe in “Krisken” and…

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4 Things To Do In Canada In Winter

It’s Winter and the world is going insane trying to shop for the perfect Christmas presents. Where the warmth has disappeared, we are all in desperate search of things to do to keep us upbeat and energized during winter. Canadians, on the other hand, are enjoying this subtle coldness. However , most of us around the world would find it hard to cope in Canada and will find it difficult to adapt to their lifestyle. What do you do during Winter? What can you do to be active and keep…

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Just back from… Canada and the United States of America

Joe is king of the road in Joshua Tree © Joe Davis Joe Davis, Online Marketing Coordinator at Lonely Planet, is just back from an epic road trip through Canada and the United States of America. Tell us more… I spent three months driving 8000 miles from Calgary to New York with two friends. Our route took us to Vancouver through the Rockies in a camper van, down the entire West Coast of America in a convertible Mustang, and across to Boston in a more sensible car (a Nissan Altima). We…

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