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The protests she went to looked nothing like they did on TV. So she brought her camera.

<br> A stranger raised his voice and threw a middle finger her way. Patience Zalanga froze. This was not the first time someone had reacted violently to her presence. And it likely wouldn’t be the last. Zalanga is a badass photographer. A black woman and long-term resident of St. Paul, Minnesota, Zalanga recently moved to the St. Louis metro area. But when she heard about the shooting of Philando Castile, she hopped in a car and went back home. Not just to mourn. Not just to protest. But to stand…

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5 Ways to Be Comfortable on Camera So You Can Make More Money with Your Blog

This is a guest contribution from Nathan Agin. Sometimes you’re just terrified. It’s not a matter of passion or knowledge—you have written plenty on your blog in the past, and people can’t shut you up once you get started. But now, you’re face-to-face with the camera, and you just freeze up. Nothing happens. You don’t feel comfortable, you don’t like it, and there’s no “magic.” You know video can be a powerful tool for your blog, and you want to use it for your about page, opt-ins, and posts. Video…

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