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How to make your next Brazilian wax less painful

  The team at Brazilian Butterfly are experts in hair removal, so we asked them share their top tips on reducing pain for your next Brazilian waxing appointment.    Being the experts in hair removal means there is one question they are asked time and time again. “Is this going to hurt?” On a scale of feather touch to being mauled by a tiger, it’s certainly on the feather touch end. But there’s no denying there is a bit of a sting involved when it comes to waxing. What they can…

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Your guide to selecting the best Brazilian wax for you

  If you’re unfamiliar with Brazilian wax territory, this extensive guide from the team at Brazilian Butterfly will have you prepped for your next appointment. They offer four distinct types of Brazilian waxes;  the X Brazilian, XX Brazilian, XXX Brazilian and  XXXX Brazilian. It’s a lot of X’s, so let us run you through them: X Brazilian: The X Brazilian is also known as the ‘extended bikini wax’ or the ‘bikini line wax.’ We start this treatment by trimming the hair down to keep it nice and neat, from there…

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Top tips for a pain-free Brazilian wax

  Before you head to your next Brazilian appointment, prepare yourself with these simple tips and avoid the discomfort.  » Avoid coffee before your appointment. This stimulant can make the waxing more uncomfortable.  » Exfoliate and moisturise the area regularly. Dry skin and clogged pores will lead to ingrown hairs. » Exfoliate before your appointment. » Do not exercise after your waxing appointment as you will risk getting ingrown hairs.  » Wear cotton underwear and loose, breathable clothing when possible to avoid the risk of in-growns, particularly immediately following your…

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