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Energy boosting eating plan

Start the day off on the right note and follow through with this high energy diet plan by dietitian Sally-Anne Livock. BREAKFAST Breakfast is an essential start to the day. It kickstarts your metabolism after the overnight fast and provides a great opportunity to get some dairy and fibre into your day. By giving your body the right fuel every morning, you reduce the risk of weight gain by elevating your metabolic rate and lowering the tendency to snack inappropriately. Choose one of the following options. Cold Breakfast » ¾ cup…

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Energy boosting smoothie recipe

  Get a quick boost of energy with this coffee flavoured smoothie.   The goal: Energy boost The glass: Caffeine can provide a quick energy boost while bananas impart ready glycogen for explosive physical energy. The espresso’s caffeine may also benefit exercise and brain performance by reducing perceived effort and extending workout time. The banana will also help to optimise workout intensity. The rules: Skip the syrups and other constituents of commercial coffee drinks – they add sugar and kilojoules. If you need sweetness, add a teaspoon of honey. The foods:…

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Healthy, nutrient boosting smoothies

Get your daily dose of nutrients with one of these healthy smoothies, each unique and delicious in their own way. FOR FAT LOSSHERO: Matcha (powdered green tea) TIP: Unlike many ingredients with weight loss claims, green tea won’t overstimulate your adrenal glands. If your goal is fat loss, a low-energy smoothie (500 to 750 kJ) is ideal. A smoothie with a low GI level, and high protein and fibre counts, will keep blood glucose levels steady and promote satiety, curbing your hunger for longer than a high GI snack or…

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