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Acai Berry: Health benefits to Our Skin and Weight

When it comes to health and wellness, you are familiar with the usual buzzwords. “Superfood” and “Power-packed” get thrown around a lot. Likewise, the words probably bring to mind images of leafy kale and bright, juicy blueberries. If you’ve ever visited a health-foods restaurant, then you probably also think of Acai berries. The long, reddish-purple berry that closely resembles a blueberry is rich in antioxidants. In fact, many makeup and cosmetic brands even use it as an ingredient for their skincare! While there is debate as to whether or not…

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Breakfast berry smoothie bowl recipe

  Kick-start your day with this antioxidant powerhouse breakfast bowl.   There’s only half a cup of regular milk in this recipe, which serves two to three people; however, the milk can easily be swapped for low-lactose if desired.     Ingredients ½ cup ice cubes 2 frozen, peeled bananas, sliced  1 cup natural yoghurt  ¾ cup frozen berries ½ cup milk  1 tbsp chia seeds (optional) 2 tsp honey  ½ cup oven-toasted fruit muesli  Fresh blueberries, to serve  Method Blend or process the ice, banana, yoghurt, berries, milk, chia…

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