Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately?

Reading Roundup: What's new in blogging this week /

Email list building! Shooting food while you’re on holiday! Productivity tips (and killers!) so much interesting stuff this week.

How to Write a Book that Will 10x Your Email List | Sumome

I will just say that this came at the right time for me. The very right time.

3 Experts Share Their Number 1 Tip for Inbound Marketing | Drum Up Blog

If you’ve got a site and you want to sell a product or service on it (perhaps even the book you wrote in point number one1), have a look at how the experts recommend you go about it.

12 Proven Productivity Hacks to Help You Win Every Day | Michael Hyatt

We are all so busy. So busy. It pays to look at your workflow and evaluate – how can you do better? I love the suggestion of getting ready the night before, I often find I’m throwing together a quick to-do list for the next day as I finish the first one. Helps me hit the ground running!

What Factors Actually Influence Your Facebook Reach | Edgar Blog

“You should think of pre-scheduling updates as a way to make time for more live interaction, rather than a way to replace live interaction” – bam! This was a good one.

How to Turn Your Blog’s Thank You Page Into a Lead Generating Machine | Grow and Convert

While you’ve got them there, you may as well pique their interest with your other wares!

How to Create 10x More Content | Moz Blog

In this edition of Whiteboard Friday, Rand takes us through a hack to have you churning out posts that are 10 times the quality of other bloggers in your niche like never before.

12 Bad Habits That Are Making You Less Productive | HubSpot

I couldn’t agree more with all of them.

What Are You Competing On? | Seth’s Blog

What you focus on, you create – are you creating the wrong thing in the name of being competitive? Not in a bad way competitive, but just trying to get your stuff seen in a hyperconnected world? What could you be focusing on instead?

5 Dang Good Reasons why Writers Should Think of Themselves as Content Marketers | Copyblogger

I’ve been talking to a few people lately who think that as amateur or hobby bloggers (or writers without traditional credentials, or writers who write non-online things as their main focus) aren’t “good” enough to really be considered content marketers. Copyblogger and I disagree with that! You’d be surprised how far a knowledge of storytelling will get you…

10 Tips for Food Photography While Travelling | Digital Photography School

Close cropping is my trade secret! Now if they could just tell me how to shoot photos in a dark restaurant at night while travelling, that would be great

What caught your eye this week?

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